Menus and Catering

Shaken or stirred, the crew at The Order love nothing better than to craft your favourite cocktail.

Cocktail List


Sangria $20
Red Red Wine, Cinnamon, Brandy N Berrie
Pimms $25
Classic Pimms with Lemon, Ginger and a Medley of Fruit
Fauxjito Pitcher $30
Mint, Dark Rum, Fresh Lime Finished with a Hint of Lemonade
Scrumpy Pirate $30
Apple Juice, Maple Syrup, Dark Rum, Fresh Lime
Midori Caprihina $35
Midori, Cina Iro, Cachaca in a busty Brizzilian jug
Gypsy Tricks $35
Passion Fruit Gypsy Pear Cider and Green Fairy Absinthe



Batida $17
A Cachaca Based Cousin of the Caiprina ~ Choose your Fruit
Bramble $17
Mountains of Gin with Berries on Top
Brooklyn $18
a Sassy Old Bourbon Drink Straight Up with a Cherry
Charlie Chaplain $16
As Quirky As the Namesake ~ Gin with an Apricot Twist
Cobbler $17
A Citrus Smash Up with a Berry Drizzle and a Touch of Honey
Crusta $17
Brandy, Lemon, Cointreau and Maraschino with a Zesty Rim
Espresso Martini $18
The Usual Suspects
Gin Genie $18
Coriander and Passionfruit Juicy Gin Number
Grand Mimosa $15
French Bubbles with a Lick of Gran Marnier and a Dash of Jus
Mai Tai $18
Trader Vic's Timeless Tiki Tipple
Margarita $18
Tommy's Style on the Rocks with Agave Syrup
Mint Julep $17
Bourbon, Mint and a Dash of Sugar ~ a Derby favourite
Moscow Mule $18
a Vodka and Spicy Ginger Beer with a fresh Minty Aroma
Negroni $18
Campari and Sweet Vermouth with a Gin Kicker
Polish Spring Punch $16
Vodka, Strawberries, Mint and French Bubbles
Punchy Rosie $17
an Iced Tea Cooler with fresh Strawberries
Rusty Nail $17
Whiskey and a Wee Dram
Sapphire Cilantro $18
A Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Coriander and Gin Martini
Sazerac $19
Bourbon and Cognac with a Green Fairy Rinse
Sidecar $17
Cognac and Cointreau with Lemon
Whisky Mac $17
Ginger with an Irish Whisky Chaser
Zombie $19
Five Styles of Rum with fresh Grapefruit and Green Fairy
Your favourite Sour $18
Choose your favourite Spirit or Liqueur and let us do the rest